How to Sync Your Locally Stored Outlook Contacts & Calendar With Windows Phone 7

So you’ve just purchased you shiny new Windows Phone 7 device, charged it for the recommended amount of time without playing with your new toy (yeah right) and now you are ready to sync your Outlook calendar and contacts to your device.  Knowing that you cannot tether your Windows Phone 7 device to transfer data (aside from using your PC’s Zune client to transfer music, pictures and photos) and that you do not have an Exchange server to sync with would normally send you into a panic… or at least back to the wireless telco store of choice to politely air your grievings (again yeah right) with regards to issue.  However, you’re much savvier then that as you remind yourself you’ve got a “Different Kind of Phone”.

Question: if all your pertinent information is localized on one PC, how does one gain access to it when said PC is lost, stolen, damaged or even simply off?

Allow me to introduce the Microsoft Office Outlook Hotmail Connector.

Outlook Hotmail Connector provides a solution for managing your Windows Live Hotmail e-mail, calendar, and contacts from within Outlook 2003, and 2010. Once enabled, it syncs your locally stored contacts & calendar automatically with your free Windows Live account.  This then allows you to access your day to day activities and/or “what’s his name’s number” even if their PC is off from virtually anywhere, including on your new Windows Phone 7 device.  To add, with the inclusion of the free 25GB SkyDrive, available for free through Windows Live, it gives SOHO / SMB organizations further ability to collaborate calendars, contacts, notes and documents inside of the cloud.

Best of all, you remember that this service is free and joyfully begin downloading the Outlook Hotmail Connector to harness the power of the cloud.  After installing and syncing your information the cloud, you enter your first calendar entry on your phone to be synced back with Outlook. “Visit my wireless rep to thank him for her suggestion of picking up a Windows Phone 7 device and to squeeze her for that free car adapter”.  Oh you savvy shopper you….

Windows Phone 7, a different kind of phone.

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