Ready to “Code Your ‘ART’ Out” Vancouver?

Make Web Not War (MWNW), one of Canada’s largest open source community events, will be concluding this year’s Vancouver Open Source Week.  Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and techniques available to the ever-evolving coding community. MWNW bridges the gap between different platforms, communities, and developers of all trades and backgrounds.  At MWNW, expert speakers will discuss Open Source platforms such as WordPress, mobile, cloud and commercial software. Attendees will also get the opportunity to mingle with some of the best web developers in Canada, social media savants & provocateurs, experts and leaders in industry today, have the ability to play with some of the new and exciting technology and gain access to the VIP party being held in the lovely city of Vancouver.

Samsung Mobile Canada is one of the Partner Sponsors at this year’s MWNW alongside the likes of Microsoft, Novell, Telerik and others.  I too will be speaking at this year’s event presenting on the aspects of “Capitalizing on the Consumerization of IT.” The rest of the MWNW agenda can be found here.  MWNW takes place Saturday May 7th at the Masik Studios in Vancouver. Tickets for this FREE event are available here and will also include your free admission to the MWNW VIP event taking place afterwards at a secret location.

One thought on “Ready to “Code Your ‘ART’ Out” Vancouver?

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