Clouds, Connectivity and The Killers at VMWorld 2011


What a summer…

Hot off the heels of attending Microsoft’s grand daddy of events, MS World Partner Conference, I find my self sitting in a lounge at Toronto Pearson en route to Las Vegas to attend VMWorld 2011.

I’m excited to attend as this is my first non-Microsoft conference in a long time (the last being CTIA in New Orleans just before Katrina hit) and I’m interested to learn more on another view of “Cloud Computing”.  What intrigues me further are the announcements of VMWare’s Mobile Virtulization Platform (or MVP for short) being announced this week.  This provides organizations the ability to capitalize on the consumerization of IT trend that is upon us by virtualizing a company’s instance on an end user’s device (smartphone and/or tablet) and governing it without affecting the end user’s personal content.

As an added bonus, The Killers will be preforming at the VMWorld Gala and seems to be the hot ticket in Las Vegas this week.

I will be attending all the mobile sessions and Samsung will also have a booth in the solution’s area of the conference.  I am most looking forward to connecting to those passionate about virtualization via VMWare’s offering and learning more through osmosis.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter and DM me if you are interested to chat.

Looking forward to our discussion.

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