Canada’s First Microsoft Store Launches in Yorkdale

Today launches Microsoft’s entrance into retail in Canada by opening their 31st store in the Yorkdale Shopping Centre.  Today you will also read mass amounts of posts stating how Microsoft’s store is similar to its competition’s store which will be moving a mere 4 stores over on December 1st.  While there are some similarities in terms of the open concept look, t-shirt uniformed crew and the “Answer Desk” the store does have a different feel.  It is a much more inviting environment with its hardwood floors, store encompassing large format screens flashing hi resolution animation and colourful retail displays throughout.  Similar to other stores, the 72 men and women staffing the Microsoft Store are cheerfully willing to assist any customer with any device running Microsoft software.  What is different is that they are fully trained by an assortment of OEMs such as HTC, Nokia, ACER and others in terms of troubleshooting of their respected product as opposed to solely being trained by Microsoft.  Alison Evans, the Microsoft Store manager, expressed how her Answer Desk team will be ready to answer any Microsoft support questions even if the product was not purchased at the Microsoft Store itself and mentioned that Microsoft’s new 6800 square foot retail location will be the main support hub in Toronto for all issues regarding Microsoft Surface should the current Microsoft pop up kiosks disappear after the holidays.

If you are a hockey fan, Wayne Gretzky will make his appearance at 2pm today and the first 1500 shoppers will receive a wristband to attend a Microsoft hosted concert by Train in a tent located in the Yorkdale Parking lot.  The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at 9am today so get there early to check out Microsoft’s newest retail offering and the latest hardware running Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

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