My Return to Microsoft as An IT Pro Evangelist

As you may have noticed, my blog has been quiet as of late.  This is because I have returned to Microsoft as the newest Technical Evangelist focusing on BYOD for IT Professionals added to the Developer and Platform Evangelism group. I can’t tell you how excited I am to return to such an innovative organization. As most of you know, my passion for Microsoft runs deep and I am ecstatic to return in a role that allows me to converse with the IT audience.

During my last “Tour of Duty” at Microsoft, I was part of the Windows Phone team working alongside teams such as DPE to promote secure deployment and management of Windows Mobile / Phone. My time at my previous employer also offered me the ability to continue my work alongside Microsoft as a partner and allowed me to expand my knowledge in managing and securing other platforms as well. My knowledge of accessing and securing information has expanded to now include both traditional devices (Notebooks, Tablets & Smartphones) and non-traditional devices (Large Format Displays, Smart TVs and M2M devices) as well. I also look forward to including that knowledge to Microsoft’s ever expanding offering of management services through the cloud and sharing my findings with all of you.

As of late, I have delivered a plethora of presentations as well as consulted on many implementations on the aspects of the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trend. This trend has become a powerful entity within the IT realm. End users utilizing a device they are most familiar with, whether it be a notebook, tablet or smartphone, will experience an increase in productivity when and if a BYOD implementation is planned properly. Microsoft does an excellent job in assisting IT Professionals in the aspects of properly planning for BYOD by providing tools required to set the proper policies. Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager and Windows Intune are two great examples as to how your organization can implement a BYOD solution securely and without the complexity of accessing a multitude of administration screens.

I look forward to meeting like minds passionate about harnessing the power of technology responsibly. Through collaboration, my hope is to not only bring insight and ideas to the IT community, but to grow my knowledge and expand my ideas with the knowledge reciprocated to me by the IT Community.

Feel free to connect with me through Twitter, LinkedIn or email. I will continue to submit content to but I am now also submitting content to  Feel free to peruse both and I look forward to continuing the connected conversation.

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