Windows Phone 8 Paid App Revenue to Developers Increases by 140%


In a recent post in the Windows Phone Developer Blog, Microsoft revealed that developers have received nearly a 140 percent increase in paid app revenue.  With Windows Phone solidifying third place behind iOS and Android, it is not surprising to see Windows Phone developers receive more for their efforts in creating apps for the platform.  Developers can now also tap into 6 new markets via Dev Center bringing the total markets supporting developer payout to 122.  Microsoft also is reported to have added 15 new mobile operator billing partners since August 2012, bringing the total number of supported partners to 25 in 19 markets, surpassing Google Play.  Utilizing mobile operator billing negates the need for credit card billing and gives consumers a payment option with significantly higher conversion rates.

With sales of Nokia’s Lumia line now reporting 5.6 million Lumias sold and OEMs pledging to continue or even start to develop hardware for the platform, it is a great third avenue for mobile developers to get their creativity recognized through application development while adding revenue to their cause.


Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog, Nokia Quarterly Earnings report

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