Latest Nokia Lumia 928 Teaser Showcases Image Stabalization


Following its previous imaging demo, Nokia is back again to tease the Nokia Lumia 928’s superior Pureview camera capabilities.  This time around the demo focuses on the image stabilization capabilities included in the new aluminum bodied Lumia 928.  Hats off the team in Espoo for their creativity in producing this video as they strap a Lumia 928 to a remote control helicopter and fly said helicopter though the picturesque forests of Northern British Columbia.  The camera seems to perform flawlessly, providing deep saturated colors while keeping any blurriness to a minimum.  A shot of what seems to be the devices gleaming xenon bulb, also featured in the 808 PureView, is also visible but still cannot be confirmed at this time.

Chatter around the Nokia Lumia 928 has expectedly increased online down playing the camera as “a waste of time” or “not needed” as blog posts have stated that the people have settled for mediocre cameras in their smartphones coupled with image editing applications such as Instagram.  While possibly true, one has to wonder if all the market feels that way?  In an era where the camera on a smartphone has surpassed the point-and-shoot camera, one has to think if the general public, the ones that do not necessarily read tech rags, would really be satisfied with a mediocre camera for those important shots.

Check out Nokia’s provided video and view the results yourself.  Also click on the source provided to be notified when more information regarding the Nokia Lumia 928 becomes available.

Source: Nokia

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