Nokia’s Play To for Windows Phone 8 Enables Media Sharing Via DLNA

Nokia has recently announced a new media sharing application, Play To for Windows Phone 8, allowing users to share photos, videos, and music to other DLNA-compatible devices over WiFi.  The app now available for download via the Windows Phone Store.

Nokia has also confirmed that all its Windows Phone 8 based Lumia devices are Play To compatible from the entry level Lumia 520 to the newly released Lumia 928.  Like any DLNA enabled device, all that is required is for the selected Lumia to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as whatever DLNA-capable device (TV, Blu-ray player, a Windows PC, etc) you would like to share content with. On the same note, Xbox 360 is supported but the PS3 is not but will be compatible in a later version. Streaming cloud content functionality will also be made available in future.

Even though the app is now out of beta, Nokia concedes issues may still arise:

“We want to be open and frank in the communication and some issues are such that we haven’t been able to fix in the application side and will require a future firmware update – a typical example of such issue is the one related to Denon AVR and some other music receivers, so some patience is required.”

Nokia is keeping the support forum for Play To on Windows Phone 8 open for comments should issues arise.

Source: Nokia Beta Labs

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