The Next XBOX


Today marks an important day for Microsoft as it announces it’s next generation entertainment console offering.  As a flurry of blog posts and tweets circle the globe with regards to possible specs and capabilities, one has to wonder the true meaning behind the new XBOX announcement.  The XBOX 360 has been in circulation for 6 years now and has shown little signs of slowing down.  What was really interesting in regards to the XBOX 360 console’s rise was the evolution from gaming system to entertainment hub.  Added were the abilities to share video, audio and imagery which before were relinquished to huddling the family before a CRT monitor.  The XBOX has now become the computing hub of most households as more and more access to information through applications such as SkyDrive, Internet Explorer and countless other theme specific apps become available for the console.

So what promise does the next generation of XBOX hold?  The last update pertaining to the XBOX offering, after Kinect, was the inclusion of Smartglass which allowed users to not only share content seamlessly from their mobile device to the console, but also allowed smartphone/tablet/notebook users to interact with content and/or games while others participated and interacted with the manipulation.  I expect more of this technology will be showcased via today’s announcement further embracing the future first screen of the Internet, the mobile device (both smartphone and tablet).  Like the Kinect, today’s Smartglass offering is only a beginning to the evolution of how information and entertainment is consumed and created.  As the paradigm of computing continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how the next XBOX will herald that change.

Be sure to watch today’s announcement via XBOX, or online and follow the hashtag #XboxReveal to have your voice heard during the reveal.

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