Microsoft Announces Windows 8.1 Changes

Microsoft announced today changes coming to Windows 8 via a upcoming free upgrade.  The Windows 8.1 upgrade is the largest update made available since the Windows 8 launch and its clear the powers that be have been listening to customer feedback.  Added capabilities include:

  • Personalization – Further lock screen personalization, more colors and motion backgrounds to customize the start screen, and added abilities to filter how apps are sorted and viewed.
  • Search – the Search charm provides global search results via Bing in an easy to read view of many content sources including apps, web, files, and SkyDrive.
  • Apps and the Windows Store – Both Photo and Music apps are redesigned.  Variable, continuous size of snap views are now available. Categories are now listed with other app commands amidst the store.
  • Cloud connectivity – The SkyDrive app has been revamped in Windows 8.1 and access to files that are stored either on the cloud or locally on the device is more convenient.
  • Internet Explorer 11 – Included with the upgrade and will bring better touch performance, improved page load times and several other features.
  • Improved support for keyboard and mouse

Source: Microsoft

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