Windows Phone growing faster than Android in US


Android continues to grow in the US as it currently holds 51.7 percent of the smartphone sales market through the three-month period ending April 2013. Apple, in second, currently holds 41.4 percent, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone is in third with 5.6 percent. The interesting news here though is that Windows Phone has seen higher year over year gains than Android. Windows Phone has experienced 1.8 percentage points growth this year and shows no signs of stopping.  Not only that, Windows Phone’s growth history is such that the uptake of Microsoft’s mobile offering has been quicker than Androids original uptake.


Source: Kantar Worldpanel

3 thoughts on “Windows Phone growing faster than Android in US

  1. Uh yeah! So, a 1.8% growth for a 5.6% share is going to be higher “year over year” than 2.3% growth for 41.4% share. This is neither remarkable not unexpected. So, is this even interesting? Don’t think so.

  2. Looking at the table above it look like more users from RIM, Symbian and others have moved to windows phone but IOS and Android are still having a huge shares in market and improving. Windows has long way to go despite Windows 8 is no doubt a great OS. But the Windows store is something that is stopping it to move ahead. Equally OS market is already saturated as well so it is hard to switch OS if you have already purchased apps from one source. This makes cost of switching much higher.

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