Gingerbread Still Leads All Android Devices


Android’s latest OS numbers are in and while Jelly Bean is slowly growing in adoption, Gingerbread is still on top.  Google recently reported that Gingerbread currently accounts for 36.5 percent of all active Android smartphones, with Jelly Bean following closely behind at 33 percent.  Not to be left behind is Ice Cream Sandwich at 25.6 percent and other versions, Froyo, Éclair and Donut, representing less than 5 percent.

One has to wonder why Jelly Bean has yet to surpass Gingerbread for supremacy.  Word is the OEMs may fragment Android further should more frequent releases of devices become more apparent.  Thus not spending the engineering hours to allow older hardware to upgrade to newer versions of the OS.  Add that scenario to the “Race to the Bottom” currently happening amongst the OEMs building inexpensive hardware that barely meets requirements to run Gingerbread itself and Google may have bigger problem on its hands.

Source: Google

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