SmartGlass for Xbox One Detailed at E3


As Microsoft had promised, the XBOX One presentation was chalked full of games with everything from the standard array of space marines and space armor, zombie apocalypses, brawlers and racing.  What was also front and center however was the further inclusion of the Smartglass offering.  Smartglass allows users of the XBOX One and XBOX 360 to interact with gameplay and media via their personal tablet and / or smartphone.

The first example of Smartglass utilization took place during a demo for Killer Instinct.  While the first gamer played along on their joystick, gamer number two controlled their character on a Windows Phone.  Further functionality showcased included lobby functions of the game and basic Xbox Live tasks, like checking out achievements and leaderboards.

In the Crytek’s Ryse: Son of Rome demo, Smartglass was shown running off of a Surface tablet.  The demo showed how real-time info can be streamed to the player on the second screen to assist their game. Additional  functionality included the ability to start a single player game, setup multiplayer, buy add-on content while in-game and view leaderboard stats, as well as tips and tricks for concurrent gameplay.

In addition to the second-screen experience, Smartglass provides the ability to setup online matches while you’re playing a single-player game.  It will also allow you to record your games and share them online using the Twitch video service. Twitch allows gamers the ability to host a live stream of their gameplay that fellow gamers can comment on in real-time.

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