Study Suggests 23% of Windows Phone upgrades come from Android


Amidst all the Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, XBOX Music, Smartglass and device announcements at /Build/, the sessions that took place afterwards were also chalked full of information.  Notably the above stood out the most.

Microsoft’s Principal Group Program Manager for Windows Phone, Sam George, provided details as to where new Windows Phone users are coming from. Numbers provided reveal that 42% of new Windows Phone users are trading in their feature phone. This confirms Microsoft’s claims that the Windows Phone OS is easy to utilize and learn.  Sam also detailed that 4 billion people worldwide are still feature phone users and provides a vast opportunity for Microsoft to capitalize on.

The last stat mentioned however was the most telling one of the session.  It was mentioned that 23% of Windows Phone devices were bought by those upgrading from Android phones.  Seems like dissatisfaction from some current Android users due to complexity or application incompatibility might be the culprit.  With both Samsung and HTC creating their own UI overlay on their offering’s of Android in attempts to simplify the OS, it would be in Microsoft’s best interest to capitalize on this opportunity with Windows Phone.

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