Windows Phone and Windows 8 Slowly Continue Upward Growth

Nokia 928 Black

The most recent numbers from research firm market figures show Windows Phone and Windows 8 are beginning to make serious headway against its competitors. Kantar Worldpanel reports that Windows 8 has gone from 3.7 percent market share in the U.S. in three months ending May 2012, to 4.6 percent market share in the three months ending May 2013.

A report from Canalys states that by 2017, Windows Phone will nearly overtake the iPhone worldwide, with a 12.7 percent market share compared to the iPhone’s 14.1 percent market share. The most important demographic for Windows Phone are the first-time smartphone buyers who are now beginning to flood the market.

“Windows strength appears to be the ability to attract first time smartphone buyers, upgrading from a feature phone. Of those who changed their phone over the last year to a Windows smartphone, 52% had previously owned a feature phone…with over half of the US market still owning a featurephone, it’s likely that many will upgrade over the coming year, which will ultimately contribute to more growth for the Windows brand.” Worldpanel ComTech analyst Mary-Ann Parlato stated recently.

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