Android App Malware Increase by 40 Percent


A newly published report states that mobile malware rates found on Android are increasingly on the rise as it reaches 40% within the past few months.

The report produced by Trend Micro states that high-risk, malicious app rates found on the Google Android operating system is now at an all time high as it rose to 718,000 at the end of the second quarter.  In comparison malware affecting Android was reported to be 509,000 in the first quarter of this year.

Most of malware discovered was packaged as fake, spoof or trojan-laden versions of popular apps. More than 44 percent were designed to subscribe unwitting downloaders to expensive services, and 24 percent were created to steal data. Adware-laden applications came in third at 17 percent.

“Due to the fractured nature of the Android network, it is very difficult for patches to reach all users in an effective timeframe. In some cases, users will never get patches as vendors leave their customers at risk of attack. Until we have the same urgency to protect mobile devices as we have for protecting PCs, this very real threat will continue to grow rapidly.” stated JD Sherry, vice president of technology and solutions at Trend Micro. “At the rate this malware is accelerating — almost exponentially — we appear to be reaching a critical mass. To fight this, Android users need to take great care when using their devices and take the simple, but effective, step of adding security software to all mobile devices.”

Source: Trend Micro

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